When a Physician's Signature is required:

The online health form application will determine if a physician signature is required. The following individuals must obtain a physician's signature on the YL - 6007 or Physician Signature Form: 
  • Is attending Beyond Malibu OR Cast​away Club* OR
  • Is a camper or work crew that is pregnant or recently given birth, OR
  • Is a camper attending any Colorado camp, OR
  • Is attending Frontier Ranch, Crooked Creek Ranch, or Rocky Creek Ranch AND is under the age of 18 at the time of submission, OR Is a volunteer or leader attending Wilderness Ranch or RMR Backcountry AND is under the age of 18 at the time of submission, OR
  • Any infant from 6-12 weeks old on camp date.
*Adult Guests are not required to obtain a Physician's signature on the YL - 6007.

Note: When a physician's signature is required, the signature must be obtained within the same calendar year as the camp trip on the Young Life Camping Health Consent and Release Form. This may be completed by a Physician, Physician Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner only.

You are able to use the Online Health and Consent form when a physician's signature is required. To do so: 

     1.   Complete and submit the Online Health and Consent form.
        Note: This form is now in Awaiting Physician Signature state.

     2.   To Print the Physician Signature Form: Select the View (Printable) Physician's Signature Amendment link. Print the form.

     3.​  Have the physician sign the completed form.

     4.  Submit or upload the Physician’s Signature Form. You have two options:
Option 1Have a physician sign and fax (1-866-381-4156) the completed addendum to the number listed on the form.* 
​This is the preferred method. 

         Note: Once the form has been signed by a physician and faxed it is now in the Complete state.  

Option 2: Upload a PDF, high resolution JPEG, GIF or PNG of the signed Physician’s Signature Form. To do this:

·         Login to your Young Life health form account at healthform.younglife.org

·         Select the health form by clicking the blue bar. Select View Physician Signature Form.

·         In the new window, select Browse. Select file on your computer. Upload. 

·         Please allow up to 30 minutes for the file to be processed. Your health form status will change from Awaiting   Physician Signature to Complete.