6007 - Camping Health, Consent and Release Forms

Every individual attending a Young Life summer camp (campers, leaders, volunteers, adult guests, etc.) must submit a completed health and consent form, providing the camp with important medical and insurance information in the event of an accident or illness. This form must be completed before departure for camp. 
To complete this form you will need:
  • Home area – Young Life area number provided by your trip leader. You can also search by zip code.​
  • Camp name – camp that you or your child is attending.
  • Camp dates – the dates of the camp week that you or your child is attending.
  • Health insurance information – Insurance company name, policy number, mailing address and phone.
  • Health history including immunization record. ​​

Summer Trip Health Forms

*Specialized Summer Forms*​​

Instructions and Questions





Fall / Winter / Spring Trip Health Forms

All attendees for a fall, winter or spring Young Life trip must complete the Young Life Consent / Release Form.
*This form must be printed, completed and submitted to your Young Life leader. 
If your trip is longer than 72 hours, you must print, complete and submit this full version form to your Young Life leader. 

Additional Questions

 If you have any additional questions, please contact Camping Services directly by email or phone at 719-381-1844.