Camping Summer Intern

Summer interns play a critical role in the Young Life summer camping ministry by providing valuable leadership and offering support in many departments including the kitchen, office, retail, guest services, maintenance and landscape.

The specific positions vary from camp to camp.
Check out individual camp websites for more details.  

​Summer ​intern candidates ​​should:

  • Enter availability dates for summer 2021, or your application may be removed from the database.
  • Be actively seeking to know and serve Christ in Young Life or another ministry.
  • ​Have had a positive previous experience on work crew or summer staff.
  • ​​Be available to serve the full duration of the summer camping season.​​

How to A​pply​​​:

  1. Contact the camp of your choice to see open positions and click here​ to apply.
  2. You may select up to three camps on your application. If a position is not available at any of those three camps your application will be made available to all camps with open positions. If you submit duplicate applications, your first application will be saved and the duplicate application(s) will be deleted.
  3. Questions? Call 719-381-1844.


​​​​​​​​If you are interested in learning more about opportunities serving with Young Life overseas or International summer internships, please contact Expatriate Services at or at 800-330-0628.​