Uploading Immunization Records or Exemptions

An Immunization Record or Exemption Letter may be uploaded to an online health consent and release form while a parent is completing the form or it may be uploaded after the form is submitted.

To upload an immunization record, the record must be in one file. It may be uploaded as a PDF, JPEG or PNG file. If the record is in multiple pages, the parent should save it to their computer in one file prior to uploading.

To upload an Immunization Record or Letter of Exemption after the form is submitted:

  • Select the health form by clicking the blue bar:​

  • ​Choose View Immunization Record:
  • Browse. Choose Immunization file on your computer. Save.​

Uploading a new Immunization Record will replace the current Immunization Record or Letter of Exemption that was previously uploaded or entered into the online health form.

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