Photo Release and Printed Matter Release Forms

Gives Young Life permission to use photographs, videos, and/or testimonials in media publications for Young Life purposes.   

Read the criteria below to determine if a signed photo release form is needed in order to use photographs and video on your website, social media sites, and/or for publications (e.g., newsletters, advertisements, donor letters, etc.).

For all minors (under age 18):

Photo release approval (signed by parents/guardians and kids) is required.
  • Use of camp photos of minors are covered by the Camping Health Consent and Release Form (6007) signed by the parent/guardian and kid.
  • Photos of minors from other events (e.g., club, winter camp, skiing, rafting, etc.) need a Minor Photo Release Form (1900) or an alternative form of release provided below.

For Young Life volunteers, committee, other adults and former Young Life minors:

Photo release approval is required in view of a “right of publicity” law existing in most states where people are entitled to know and approve their image if being used to promote the company or solicit donations. Use the Adult Photo Release Form (1901) below.

For Young Life staff:

Photo release approval is not required at this time since there is an understanding on the part of staff that photos are a natural part of their involvement with Young Life.

Options for photo release approval:

  • Photo Release Form (1900) – for general Young Life events such as club and other activities.
  • Waiver, Release and Indemnification Agreement Form (1734) – general form required for Young Life events that put kids at risk of injury.
  • Area's specific activity permission form – if your form contains waiver and release language to protect Young Life, the following language can be added to your form in lieu of using the Photo Release Form:
    I hereby grant permission to Young Life the right to use, reproduce, and/or distribute photographs, films, video-tapes, and sound recordings of my child, without compensation or approval rights, for use in materials created for purposes of promoting the activities of Young Life.

Please note that your camp photos are covered by the Camping Health Consent and Release Form (6007) that kids and parents sign prior to a camp trip. This form does not cover photos taken at other Young Life events.

If the photo(s), video, and/or testimonials you're using fits the above criteria for needing a release form, download the appropriate form below, print and have signed. Keep the form in your files. Call 719-381-1890 with any questions.


1900a - Minor Photo Release Form and 1900b - Spanish Minor Photo Release Form

1900a - Minor Photo Release Form

1900b - Spanish Minor Photo Release Form


1901a - Adult Photo Release Form and 1901b - Spanish Adult Photo Release Form

1902a - Printed Matter Release Form and 1902b - Spanish Printed Matter Release Form

1902a-Printed Matter Release Form

1902b-Printed Matter Release Form