If you have more than one family member attending camp:

​​If more than one child is traveling to a Young Life Camp from the same family, you can use the Copy Form function to copy basic information from one health form to another. To copy a health form for another family member:
  1. Select the form you want to copy by selecting the blue bar. Make a Copy button.
  2. Select Another Family Member. Make a Copy.

  3. Verify your online signature. 
    • ​​​A parent or legal guardian must sign the form if the camper is under the age of 18 or under the age of 19 for Malibu Club and Beyond Malibu. ​

  4. Review and update ALL information for this family member.
    • ​​​Note - If you desire to upload  a copy of  an insurance card, be sure to do so BEFORE you submit the form.

  5. Submit the form.​
  6. Determine if a physician's signature form is required.​