Q. I have a payments.younglife.org username and password for this camp trip, does the Online Health and Consent Form use the same credentials?

​A. No, the Online Health and Consent Form is a new or different account with its own username and password. If this is the first time you have logged into this system, please use the Create an Account link to create a username and password.

​Q. Do immunization records need to be submitted prior to the camp trip?
A. ​Yes. Immunization records MUST be uploaded BEFORE submitting the health form. This can happen one of three ways:
  • A digital copy of the immunization records can be uploaded to the online health form. We prefer a state-certified copy from either school or doctor.
  • Immunization dates can be entered on the online health form on Section 4: Health Care History.*
  • A paper copy of immunization records can be handed in to the trip leader prior to the trip.​​

    *For Colorado camps: Frontier Ranch, Crooked Creek, RMR Backcountry, Rocky Creek Ranch and Wilderness Ranch, campers and work crew must upload a digital copy to their online health form or submit a paper copy of their immunization records to their trip leader. We prefer state-certified immunization records from either school or a doctor. Leaders, summer staff and camp doctors may enter their own immunization records within Section 4: Health Care History in the online health form.

​​​​​Q. What other paperwork needs to be completed prior to the trip?

  • ​​Each trip is different, please contact your local Young Life leader to ask what other paperwork is required. 
  • If your leader has asked you to complete a Consent Release for Young Life Activity (YL-1716) you can access that document HERE.

Q. What if the online form is NOT an option?

A. Individuals with limited online access may print and complete a PDF Health Consent and Release Form. The form must be submitted to the trip leader prior to departure for camp.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Camping Services directly by email or phone at 719-381-1844.