6054 - Capernaum Parental or Guardian Interview Form

The purpose of this form is to provide better care for kids at camp and to help alleviate any misunderstandings about personal-medical/hygiene care. This form is not a substitute for the Health and Consent form but will be used in addition.​​

Parents/Guardians c​an complete the online form using the link below. The trip leaders email address is needed to complete the form. Once completed, a copy of the submission will be sent to the staff members email address that is listed on the form. ​

At camp please turn in the original Interview form and the Health and Consent form. Make copies of both for your possible use while traveling to and from camp.

Online Form:
Capernaum Camper Parental or Guardian Interview​

If the online version is not an option, a printed version will be accepted. ​ .

Please also complete the PDF below for any medications that are to be administered while at camp.