1732 - Snow Skiing-Boarding Participant Enrollment Form

Each person attending a Young Life downhill snow skiing or boarding event is required to have medical coverage.

The instruction form (YL-1732A) will help you determine which option works best for each individual.

Helmets: If Young Life insurance is purchased for the trip, it is required that the participant wear a helmet.

The enrollment form (YL-1732) must be completed by parents or guardians prior to any kid participating in such an event. The form also includes a parental medical release giving Young Life the ability to take the child to a medical care facility should he or she become injured or ill during the activity.​​

Download form and have parents or guardians complete prior to the downhill skiing or boarding activity. Keep on record at your area office. For questions, contact 719-381-1952.

1732A Snow Skiing Enrollment Instructions.doc

1732A Snow Skiing Enrollment Instructions.pdf