Ministry Documents

Amicus Host Family Brochure

Annual Report
Gives an overview of the goals and performance of Young Life during each fiscal year.

Audited Financial Report
The most recent report on the financial position of Young Life.

Facts at Your Fingertips
Includes financial information as well as the number of kids who participated in each ministry.

Financial Statement and Ministry Statistics
Young Life's financial statement and ministry statistics from each fiscal year.

IRS Form 990 Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax

This document provides the financial information regarding Young Life.

Logo Application for Apparel and Merchandise
Guidelines for applying the logo to apparel and merchandise (from sections 17-18 of the Young Life Logo Standard Guide).

Notice of Privacy Practices
Medical information disclosure practice.

Service Charge Brochure
The Service Charge Brochure explains the benefits of the service charge and how it is calculated.

Statement of Faith
This downloadable document outlines Young Life's foundational beliefs as a Christian organization.

Young Life Board of Trustees List
Current list of all members of Young Life's Board of Trustees

Young Life Logo Standards Guide
This guide is intended to be a helpful tool as you apply the new logo in your area or region.​​​