Camping Forms & Resources

All applications for volunteer positions at camp, including internships, are located on the applications page.
If you don't see the form you're looking for, please contact your local area office.

Consent Release for Young Life Activity​
Allows Young Life to take a child or adult participant, who is ill or injured in a Young Life activity, to the nearest medical facility or healthcare provider to administer the necessary treatment.

Waiver Release and Indemnification Form
Releases Young Life from all actions, suits, claims or demands related to injury or death from activities in which the participant voluntary participates. Available in Spanish.

Permission to Leave Camp Early via Plane​
This form must be completed and submitted to the camp office for campers leaving camp early via plane.

Permission for a Camper to Leave Camp Early
When it is necessary for a camper to be picked up from the camp property, use this form to get the parents' or guardians' permission.

Camping Health, Consent and Release Forms
Used to gather pertinent information in the case of accident or illness at camp. Available in English and Spanish.

Staff Resources Site Access Instructions for YoungLives Childcare Volunteers​​
Instructions for YoungLives camp childcare workers on how to gain access to the Young Life Staff and Volunteer Resources Site.

YoungLives Camp Childcare Packing List
A packing list for YoungLives summer camp childcare volunteers.

YoungLives Childcare Volunteer Job Description
Gives a clear description of the responsibilities of camp childcare volunteers.​​​​