Young Life Spoken Here

​Young Life's mission in Kazakhstan.

Est. 1998

Kazakhstan is the world’s ninth largest country, but with a small population of 18 million people. Over 70% of the population consider themselves Muslim and radical Islam has an influence from surrounding countries.

Ministry in Central Asia began in 1998, with one club in Almaty; we now have ministries in nine big cities in Kazakhstan and send our leaders as missionaries to other Central Asia countries. The ministry is diverse — we serve all ages, kids with special needs, kids with cancer and orphanage kids.

In most places around the world, Young Life begins in high schools, junior highs or at universities with able-bodied students, but in Kazakhstan, the government and individual families are seeking assistance in services and care for kids with special needs — an open door to communities we’d otherwise never be allowed to enter. Seen as “experts” in their work, Young Life Capernaum leaders are often asked to train others. This outreach takes Jesus into orphanages, homes, schools and communities. As staff and leaders recruit more able-bodied leaders to work with Capernaum, many of these new volunteer leaders branch off and begin able-bodied Young Life. In other words, Capernaum is oftentimes the launch pad for beginning able-bodied Young Life in this part of the world!

By the Numbers:

  • 2,089 Average Club Attendance
  • 65 Total Young Life Ministries
  • 23 Capernaum Ministries