Women Who Love Young Life

Making a difference together.

Sixty-one Women Who Love Young Life from around the country recently gathered for the first Global Giving Circle. The women pooled their individual gifts, creating a fund of over $600,000 in order to have a larger impact on the mission. They were presented with five Young Life ministry opportunities and then voted on where they wanted their collective funds to make a difference. What resulted was joyful generosity, women inspired by one another, and encouraged in their love for the Lord and the mission of Young Life.

And, this is just the beginning of a movement for women impacting local and global communities.

We believe the Spirit moved this group of women in unexpected places — and yet in step with where God is leading all of Young Life. The top award went to kids caught in “the system” (foster, homeless, trafficked and incarcerated youth). The Office of Innovation is coming alongside to establish and support an official missionwide ministry to kids who are statistically considered to be the least of these.

Along these same lines, we want to go “Together” — and women heartily agree with this. They awarded second place of $100,000 to Developing Future Leaders, an established program which trains and equips diverse young leaders, sending them out into rapidly growing ministries.

In addition, the women also directed much-needed remaining funds to Young Life College, Developing Global Leaders and Accelerating International Women in Leadership.

Giving circles like these are one of the initiatives coming from the work of Women’s Engagement and Philanthropy, created two years ago to engage ministry partners in increasingly meaningful ways. Giving circles have caught the attention of women and have gained traction at both the local and national levels. Local or regional circles happen when women gather for an evening, typically contributing $100 each, and participate in a similar process of hearing about opportunities and then deciding together where they’d like to direct their collective impact.

Giving circles offer a compelling combination for women: connecting with one another, sharing their love for Christ and learning about mission opportunities. Women love being invited into purposeful giving together, often being a part of a larger gift than they would be able to give on their own.

One woman put it this way, “We’re celebrating Young Life by our giving together.” Another said, “What a joyful way to be able to give back to a ministry that has been so transformative and important in my life.”