Young Life Spoken Here

Est. 1975

Germany is home to approximately 12 million adolescents and we’re developing leaders and reaching kids in three primary hubs: Bavaria, Württemberg and the Black Forest. We’ll continue to deepen our ministries in these significant locations, but we also hope to begin Young Life in eastern Germany over the next few years. We want to reach cities like Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden and Magdeburg. Our plan is to begin doing service camps in this former Eastern Bloc country as we bring young people from the west to serve with kids in the east. As we train new leaders in eastern Germany, Young Life will take root and bring hope to a place nearly forgotten for far too long.

We also have an official partnership with the German Lutheran Church, the national church of Germany. We’re working with the church’s youth department to train leaders in the philosophy of incarnational ministry: contact work, relationships, camp and club. This work is led by Area Developer Christoph Schneider who is everything you want in a leader!

One last encouragement — last week, our team leader in Lörrach, Nina Ricca, had 65 kids at her service club!

By the Numbers

  • 368 Average Numbers in Campaigners
  • 2,715 Kids Reached
  • 185 Total Volunteers