​J.D. Gibbs

February 21, 1969 – January 11, 2019

By Jeff Chesemore

The mission has lost a dear friend with the passing of J.D. Gib​bs. A member of Young Life’s Board of Trustees from 2012 to 2016, J.D. entered his Savior’s presence on January 11, 2019, after​ a courageous battle with a degenerative neurological disease.

J.D. was involved with Young Life since the late ’80s; he was active in club while growing up in northern Virginia. At Young Life he learned what it meant to walk in a relationship with Jesus. After college, he and his wife, Melissa, were volunteer leaders at Myers Park High School in Charlotte from 1992 to 1996. He was a faithful committee member, donor and, most recently, committee chair for Young Life Greater Lake Norman in North Carolina.

His commitment to Young Life, not to mention his church and other organizations, is even more remarkable when considering his professional demands. After attending The College of William and Mary, J.D. joined his father, Pro Football Hall of Fame Coach Joe Gibbs, to help launch the NASCAR team of Joe Gibbs Racing in 1992. He became president of JGR in 1997, and eventually the co-chairman.

Moose Valliere, Young Life’s national committee trainer and J.D.’s best friend, paid him this tribute:

“I met J.D. when I was 13, playing Babe Ruth baseball. He was a pitcher, I was the catcher. We struck up a solid friendship that continued on through high school, college and all the way to the day he passed away. J.D. was the first kid I ever met who had a relationship with Jesus, and it was obvious. Though I was not a believer at the time, J.D. always loved and reached out to me. He’s the number one reason I ended up giving my life to Jesus as a high school junior. His example and friendship made it so easy for me to believe that God could love me. J.D. was not just my best friend, but my brother. While I’m heartbroken he has passed, my heart is filled to overflowing knowing he is with our Savior — the same Savior we prayed to time and again throughout life. God bless you, dear friend, and enjoy heaven. See you someday soon, brother."

J.D. is survived by his wife, Melissa, their four boys, Jackson, Miller, Jason and Taylor; his parents, Joe and Pat Gibbs; and his brother, Coy, and family. More details about his Legacy Fund, which provides support for 1) every kid to hear the gospel, and 2) a capital campaign for Windy Gap, can be found at​.

Bob Broyles

December 6, 1935 – January 3, 2019

By Marty McCarty

Bob Broyles, known as the founder of Military Community Youth Ministries (MCYM)/Club Beyond, passed away in January at the age of 83. He was a man who exuded Jesus with his smile and the way he authentically lived life.

Broyles joined Young Life staff in 1967, opening up the Monterey, California Peninsula where he met Jim and Barbara Meredith, who initially helped him begin the work there. After going to Salzburg, Austria, in the early ’70s with Young Life International, in 1978-79 he was approached by chaplains he had met years prior at Fort Ord in California, and asked to provide youth ministry to U.S. military teens.

In July 1980, Broyles invited the leaders of Young Life and Youth for Christ to discuss the idea of a joint ministry to military youth. The meeting formed the groundwork for MCYM, and Broyles was over the moon:

“It was a history-making event for it was the first instance in which these two global ministries agreed to work together, in partnership, on a national and international scale ... All present felt the movement of the Holy Spirit as we stood at the conclusion of the meeting, hand in hand, praying for God’s blessing upon this new, dramatic undertaking.”

Bob Broyles loved Jesus, family, friends and teenagers. He knew the importance of introducing all teenagers, and specifically military teens, to Jesus, the One “beyond” the uncertainties all teens face.