Young Life Spoken Here

Est. 1989

The work began in 1989, with the first student exchange between the United States and Russia. A 15-year-old high school student from St. Petersburg, Zhenya Pustoshkina, heard the gospel for the first time; in college, she helped launch the first clubs in St. Petersburg and Moscow. After graduating from law school in the mid-’90s, she became the first regional director of Russia. Under her leadership, ministry has grown from the Baltic Sea in the north to the Black Sea in the south. What began in the great cities of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Krasnodar, has expanded into 60 clubs in 17 cities.

The most recent growth explosion is in Siberia. God worked miraculously in the life of Sukhrab, bringing him out of a long battle with drug addiction. An incredible leader, he’s now started Young Life in the most remote part of eastern Russia. In only four years he’s expanded the ministry from a single club in Novokuznetsk to 11 clubs in four cities. There are eight time zones across Siberia and Sukhrab is determined to take Young Life to every one of them!

Please pray for this amazing country and the work God’s doing here.

By the Numbers

  • 604 Volunteers
  • 3,140 Kids at club each week across Russia
  • 16,454 Kids reached in Russia this past year​