Young Life Spoken Here

Est. 2006

​​Tanzania is the entry point for many people into the heart of Young Life Africa. As the key training hub for new staff in Africa and the Middle East, Tanzania is also a place of hospitality, discovery and discipleship.

Ministry here has experienced strong growth over the past decade, and now reaches nearly 108,000 kids in 114 ministries. One catalyst for growth was the 2014 Freedom Walk. Africans from all over the continent, along with dozens of Americans, walked from Ujiji to Bagamoyo tracing the original slave caravan route from the interior to the east coast of Africa. While the primary objective of the Freedom Walk was praying for the hearts of African teenagers to be set free, relationships formed along the slave route sprouted into Young Life ministry and significantly expanded our ministry to teens in the heart of this country.

Alexis Kwamy now serves as regional director of Tanzania and Zanzibar after planting Young Life in the city of Arusha near Mt. Kilimanjaro. Our ministry in Arusha continues to reach a significant number of teens in some of the most difficult communities in Tanzania. Arusha also serves as a base for many U.S. work teams who assist as work crew in Arusha-based Young Life camps before embarking on a climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest freestanding mountain in the world.

By the Numbers

  • 1​07,834 Kids Reached
  • 18,484 Kids in Club
  • 9,604 Kids in Campaigners