A Historic Gathering

At our fall Board of Trustees meeting in Colorado Springs, we had a very special evening together to honor past trustees and all the living presidents of Young Life. We even had our esteemed founder’s son, Jim Rayburn III, and his wife, Lucia, join us.

Our plan was to bring together this amazing historical perspective of our ministry through people, archives and memorabilia, and to honor what the Lord has done in and through Young Life for over 76 years. Oh, what a night it was! We agreed with the psalmist who said, “The Lord is trustworthy in all he promises, and faithful in all he does” (Psalm 145:13b, NIV), as we heard from each of these former presidents. — Newt

We’re Thankful for 53 Years of Fine Presidential Leadership in One Room!


NEWT: What are a few memorable accomplishments you saw from the Lord during your tenure?

​BILL: "Trying to take over for our founder, because he was the greatest guy I’ve known in the faith. He helped me spiritually more than anyone else. He was a man of prayer — great prayer! And a man of vision."

BOB: "Putting an emphasis on giving women the same opportunity as men for training, for speaking and for positions of leadership."

DENNY: "I was most happy that our staff and volunteers were so committed to reaching the next kid, and we just kept going and going and going."

NEWT: Do you have any thoughts, encouragement or advice for Young Life today?

HAL: "I hope that we would put a renewed emphasis and research on how we’re going to reach more and more high school kids ... because it has kind of been the heart that has pumped the blood of resources to all the other branches and members of the body."​

TED: "I mean, this is the deal that’s unbelievable for committee people, if they get into it for the fun of it. You really need to get deep enough. Once you get in it, you’ve got a lifetime of having put your ladder on the right wall and seeing God work not only with others, but in your own life!"

DOUG: "I just think the best Young Life is yet to come! I remember one time I sat down with Jim [Rayburn] just before he died, and he said to me: ‘We need to go after ALL the kids.’ I love the fact that Young Life is really trained to do that!"