Young Life Spoken Here

Est. 1999​

​In 1999, a small contingency of Haitian leaders visited their neighboring country, the Dominican Republic, to see Young Life firsthand. After much prayer and training, they gained a new vision for Haiti’s youth and adopted the motto, “Nou Kapab” — with God’s help we can! With this newfound courage, determination and belief that “with God all things are possible,” they began sharing the life-changing message of Jesus with young people.

Of the 10.4 million people living here, more than half are under the age of 20, making Haiti ripe for Young Life ministry. The community of leaders is determined to reach the next generation for Christ, which they’re doing well — surpassing 10,000 kids reached, 200 volunteers and 28 club ministries this year.

By the Numbers

  • ​178 Volunteer Leaders
  • 58 Developing Global Leader Graduates
  • 18,590 Kids Reached