From the President

With Susan at Young Life club in Palestine.

​​A Year in Review

It has now been a little over a year since I assumed the role of president of Young Life. Over the past 13 months I have been extremely encouraged to see so many of our methods fleshed out in the lives of our staff and leaders as they reach young people all over the world. These methods are listed below.

We are excited about the Forward movement, which has had a strong launch and acceptance throughout the mission. What follows is a small taste from my visits and the beautiful messengers (and recipients!) of God’s redeeming love story whom I had the pleasure of meeting ...

​​​​Y​OUNG LIFE METHODS: ​Praying for young people.​​​ Going where kids are and building personal relationships with them.​​ ​Earning the right to share the good news of Jesus Christ.
​Providing fun, adventurous, life-changing and skill-building experiences. ​​​Inviting kids to personally respond to the good news and walking in friendship with them regardless of their response. ​​Preparing kids for a lifelong relationship with Christ and a love for His Word, His mission and th​e local church.​ ​Working in community alongside like-minded adults (volunteer leaders, committee members, donors and staff).​

My first international trip was to Nicaragua, where 400 leaders and prospective leaders gathered at La Finca, already thrilled to learn about Forward (“Adelante”).

​The call and commitment of our staff and volunteers are our greatest assets. The indwelling Holy Spirit is our greatest power source. We want to create a culture of loving one another inside of Young Life that spills over into our communities and the kids we serve in a positive and life-giving way, always centered on the person of Jesus.
With Susan at Young Life club in Palestine (picture above). Our founder Jim Rayburn said, “The best Young Life is yet to come.” Our mission community will look back on this Forward period and marvel at what God has done in our midst. First, in us as followers of Jesus and committed colleagues, but also in how we have improved the historic methods of Young Life, while finding new ways to reach the next kid, next school and next community for Christ.
In Washington, D.C., with members of our Multiethnic leadership. Our strength as a mission will increasingly be in our diverse, indigenous leadership that reflects the kids we are called to love, serve, befriend and introduce to Jesus. We will only succeed in this effort if we create a culture where differences are welcomed and celebrated, harnessed and focused for God’s glory.

Thank you for making this an awe-inspiring first year for me. I believe it will go down as a historic one for Young Life!
Newt Crenshaw
Young Life President