Young Life Spoken Here

Est. 1998

Ethiopia is the oldest independent African country dating back to 5 B.C. — with ties to King Solomon. The population is 102 million, with 34 percent Muslim, 44 percent Ethiopian Orthodox Christian, 18 percent Protestant and indigenous beliefs making up the remainder. The main language is Amharic and English is widely spoken. Ethiopians are elegant, industrious and have a rich warmth commonly found in African cultures.

Ethiopia was the first country in Africa to have Young Life and now stands second only to the United States in the number of kids reached by the ministry (123,372).

Today Regional Director Moges Berassa leads a team of 23 national staff, 11 students involved in Developing Global Leaders and 491 volunteers.

By the Numbers

  • 74 Total Ministries
  • 6,987 Average Number in Campaigners Weekly
  • 14,026 Average Number of Kids in Club Weekly
  • 5,285* Kids to Camp This Year
* This number would have been higher by almost 3,000, but six camps had to be postponed due to political unrest.