​Brad Baker
Dec. 15, 1947 – Aug. 7, 2016

When many think of Young Life in Memphis, they immediately picture Brad Baker. Born and raised in Memphis, Brad met Jesus at Young Life’s Star Ranch while attending White Station High School. He graduated from Memphis State and in 1971 came on Young Life staff, where he served for 43 years until his retirement in 2014. In those more than four decades, he ministered to thousands of kids, leaders and staff in Jackson and Memphis alongside his beloved wife, Marcia, who preceded him into glory in 2013.

In a letter to Tennessee staff announcing Baker’s retirement, Senior Regional Director Steve Chesney reflected:

I wonder how many kids, how many leaders, how many adults and committee folks has Brad touched deeply? How many ski trips, how many family camps, how many cross-country buses has he slept in? How many prayer meetings to start new areas, how many banquets, how many golf tourneys, and how many late night fundraising letters has he typed? How many phone calls has he fielded from worried parents and how many times has he reassured teachers and principals and pastors?

And most of all, how many kids has he known and loved? How many kids has he hoped for? How many layers of callouses cover his knees? How many ways and how many times has Brad Baker pushed the boundaries of eternity in thousands of teenagers’ lives to make sure they heard about our Savior?

And how many grandparents today tell The Story to their grandchildren that they first heard from Brad? How is heaven’s population changed through his labor of love?

Please pray for Brad’s two sons, Chris and Drew, and their families as they mourn their loss and celebrate Brad’s life and legacy.