Young Life Spoken Here

While ministry in the Dominican Republic (DR) dates back to the late ’80s, a “modern miracle” of growth started in 2011. That summer Pico Escondido, Young Life’s camp here, hosted 298 leaders and teens. Rafa Alejo, the national director in the DR, became convinced God was calling the team to set 540 kids and leaders as the goal for 2012 — the largest number each club in the country could bring to camp.

The first time he shared this dream with key leaders, they were convinced it was impossible — how could they almost double what had been their biggest summer ever? They united around the plan, however, and amazing things happened — God moved in a mighty way and 576 teens and leaders went to camp!

More teens in club and Campaigners led to even more involvement. Last year the team felt called to another audacious camping goal and called the dream “Every teen counts x 1,000.” The goal: bring 1,000 teens and leaders to Pico Escondido. But when the dust had settled, 1,098 leaders and teens attended camp in 2015! Much of the growth has been led by college students in Young Life’s Developing Global Leaders program and volunteer leaders.
  • Kids Re​ached: 6,970
  • Developing Global Leaders: 21
  • Number of National Staff: 6
  • Volunteer Leaders: 210
  • Ministries: 31​