Young Life Spoken Here

In 1993 the people of Czechoslovakia decided to peacefully divide into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Today there are over 10 million people living in the Czech Republic, one of the most non-religious countries in the world and the most atheistic in Europe.

Kids in the Czech Republic are the first full generation born after the fall of communism. They have more opportunities, more material wealth and an ease of travel their parents never knew at their age. However, they still reap the effects of over 40 years of communism and the atheistic worldview that it helped create in the Czech Republic. They are searching for love, hope and deeper meaning, as well as opportunities to serve and make a difference in the world.

Young Life has been meeting young Czechs where they are in the cities of Prague and Ostrava for over 10 years. In 2014 Young Life started in the second-largest city, Brno, and this year marks the beginning of Young Life University (college) in Ostrava. Most leaders are former “club kids” now making a difference in kids’ lives in their local communities.
  • Kid​​s who attended camps this year: 350
  • Volunteer Leaders: 25
  • Developing Global Leaders: 3
  • Number of National Staff: 5