Sweet Servants

You may already know that Capernaum (pronounced kuh-PUR-nee-uhm) is Young Life’s ministry with kids with disabilities. But are you aware that many of these kids minister right back – in their local areas, at Young Life camps and so many other locations? In this issue of Relationships we’re honored to spotlight a few of these countless servants who are loving Jesus and people through their hard work, smiles, hugs and encouragement.

Kate Hemby
​North Atlanta, Georgia​​

•  Summer staff at Carolina Point
•  Capernaum leader

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​“Describe Kate Hemby? Tenderhearted and joyful! Her constant smile is infectious! Kate has played a steadfast role in our growing local Capernaum ministry and has recently made the transition from club kid to leader. She happily serves her friends at club and continues to deepen her relationship with Jesus in Campaigners. Kate is all in!”
     — Jamie Tait, North Atlanta Capernaum leader

Pictured above: Madi Jones, a Capernaum buddy, with her friend, Kate.

15-Fall-Sweet-Servants-Smith.jpgGR Smith
Omaha, Nebraska

•  Work crew at Castaway Club
•  Junior leader for Capernaum club
•  On staff with Young Life Capernaum (2014-present)

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“My name is GR Smith. I love the Lord. Young Life is giving me a chance to serve people. I think it’s a calling God has given me because of my big heart. I am very grateful to give back what I’ve been given. Thank you for Capernaum and all the joy I receive loving the Lord and His people.”

Pictured: Pam Harmon, vice president of Young Life Capernaum, and her friend, GR.

15-Fall-Sweet-Servants-King.jpgBrady King
Greenville, South Carolina

•  Summer staff at Southwind
•  In training to become a Capernaum leader in the fall of 2015

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Brady comes to Young Life early each week to help set up tables and chairs for the meal. He has a wonderful smile, “Hello,” or hug for his new high school friends as they enter the room. For Brady, Jesus comes up in most conversations in the most natural ways. One day Brady insisted he ride in the Young Life van as we took folks home. He wanted to learn how to tie down the wheelchairs his friends ride in. Now we invite him every week to ride with us because he’s such a big help.
     — Skeeter Powell, volunteer leader, Greenville

Pictured: Brady (third from left) praying with other leaders.

15-Fall-Sweet-Servants-Steele.jpgRyan Steele
Greater Lafayette, Indiana

•  Summer staff at Castaway Club​
•  Area Director Assistant (2009-present)

More on Ryan ...
“Each Monday, Ryan attends one of the area clubs where he fills out an evaluation of each leader and event. He is wholly honest and also graciously encouraging. If a song (or mixer, game, or skit) doesn’t go well, Ryan says so. But he also gives sincere encouragement for “100 percent effort!” He helps commission new leaders, bids emotional farewells to graduating leaders, prays for others, and extends hospitality by greeting everyone and serving snacks. Without Ryan’s presence, Greater Lafayette Young Life and WyldLife ministries and leaders would be missing out on all the significant, unique, meaningful, and joyful realities only he can offer.”
     — Mark Kirgiss, area director, Lafayette

Pictured: Ryan Steele and Mark Kirgiss

15-Fall-Sweet-Servants-Sterken.jpgRob Sterken
Holland, Michigan

•  Summer intern at Timber Wolf Lake for six years
•  Capernaum leader

More on Rob ...
“I remember one afternoon sneaking in the snack bar to secretly watch Rob reset the game room. I will never forget how much time he spent at each table resetting it perfectly. Every number on every pool ball was facing up on the table. Each foosball was placed perfectly in the center of each table. Every ping pong table and air hockey table was ‘Windexed’ with care. After he was done, I walked up to him to tell him how great everything looked. I asked him why he had faced all the pool balls with the numbers up. Rob told me that Jesus was excellent and his pool balls should be too.
     — Brian Johnson, Carolina Point, Guest Services coordinator

Pictured: Rob (middle) with other Capernaum leaders.

Jacob Walker
North Atlanta, Georgia

•  In charge of North Atlanta Capernaum’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds
•  Work crew at SharpTop Cove

More on Jacob ...
“Jacob has been invaluable when it comes to promoting Capernaum within our area. In order to serve our larger mission, Jacob has participated in meetings on a divisional level, participated in work week to prepare camp properties for the summer camping season and served on work crew.”
     — Jamie Tait, North Atlanta Capernaum leader

Pictured: Jacob, front row, second from left with his friends. Front row: Sarah Brintnall, Jacob, Pam, Brian “Coop” Cooper, Michael Crofton. Second row: Courtney McGinnis, LauraLee Wright, Caitlin Guill, Becca Wilson, Katie Harbison, Kate, GR, Owen Apfel.​

15-Fall-Sweet-Servants-Sumner.jpgBen Sumner
Memphis, Tennessee

•  Summer staff at Carolina Point (2015)

More FROM Ben ...
Before campers arrived, Ben posted this on Facebook: “Well the Summer Staff and I are getting things ready for the campers! And it’s taking a long time for the campers to get here. We got like 2 more days. So come on campers. Let’s get camp started so I can work!”
     — at Carolina Point, a Young Life camp

Pictured: Ben awaits campers at Carolina Point.​