Young Life Spoken Here

Latvia is one of the three Northern European countries, along with Estonia and Lithuania, which form the Baltic States. In this region, there are Scandinavian, German, Polish and Russian populations, so the Christian denominations are varied with Lutheranism, Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity, all in need of increased youth ministry.

In the 1980s, when many of today’s adults were growing up under communist rule, there was a significant lack of discussion about God. For many who are now the parents of teens, there is confusion about how to provide their children with spiritual direction.

In 2009, Latvian churches invited Young Life to come to this region and help them meet the growing need. Experienced Young Life leaders from Ukraine relocated and are committed to expanding the work in all the Baltics. Young Life is excited to provide camps, clubs, family support and a close partnership with the church community.
  • Nearly 400 kids attended three winter and eight summer camps
  • Clubs in 3 cities: Riga, Liepaja, Vecmelgravis
  • Average club attendance: 135
  • One staff and 17 volunteer leaders