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You Just Never Know

I received a phone call recently from Holly Scurry. You probably do not know the name. I certainly did not … but Holly Scurry is changing the planet for Christ. Literally.

Holly is a 32-year-old woman from Dallas, Texas, who joined a startup ministry called Family Legacy Missions International as their first full-time employee 10 years ago. She is now vice president and leader of this ministry, which rescues orphans in Zambia. Her story is stunning to me — currently touching more than 7,000 homeless and orphaned children annually by introducing them to Jesus Christ through their Camp LIFE ministry; establishing 43+ homes housing 522 children; and on and on. If you are curious, just Google it up. 

Holly called to bless me. Those were her words, “I want to bless you.” If my tears were a measure of her blessing, she succeeded.

Apparently, 17 years ago in 1997 Holly was a 14-year-old camper at Frontier Ranch. I happened to also be there. She was a poor kid in a rich town, abandoned by her father, living with her mother and three siblings, helping pay the monthly bills with her babysitting money. The only reason Holly came to camp was someone had paid her way in full. On night five of camp, Holly came to club carrying a brand-new Young Life sweatshirt she spent all of her money on earlier that day. “You will need something warm tonight,” her leader, Kristen, had told her. That night Holly heard the message of the cross of Christ, of God’s deep fatherly love for her, and like thousands of kids over the past 70 years, she went out in her new Young Life sweatshirt and sat on a rock under the stars on a chilly night. And she believed. And she surrendered.

Caught up in the joy and tenderness of 15 minutes of quiet, Holly inadvertently left her new sweatshirt on that rock. And when she returned to find it later that evening, it was gone …

The next day Holly was back in the camp store just wandering around, a little tearful in front of the sweatshirts. I don’t know, maybe it was just an innocent conversation-starter, or maybe I caught a glimpse of her tears, honestly I have no true memory of the moment … but as I passed by I apparently said, “Hi there, buying a sweatshirt?” “Well, no, I already bought it but I lost it. I’m just looking …”

You can guess the rest. A few moments later I stood with Holly at the cash register and spent the best $30 of my life. Holly now remembers it this way: “In that moment God’s Spirit whispered in my ear, ‘See there? I will take care of you. Forever. You are mine now, my princess. I am your Father and I will never leave you.’”

And now Holly is spearheading a ministry to rescue thousands of fatherless street orphans and HIV-ridden, abandoned children in a faraway place. Her plane left yesterday for another four months in Zambia. Oh my …

I guess we never know, do we? The kid whose way you pay at the last second … the shirt or Bible you buy in the camp store … the passing word of kindness or even a simple touch … the one-on-one conversation with a boy or girl in the grass on day six … you just never know. You never know who it is exactly who stands in your path or sleeps in your cabin or sits beside you each night at club. You just never know.
​— Steve Chesney 

Holly Scurry is one of thousands of alumni still intimately involved with Young Life. To visit the Alumni and Friends website, join, update your information and reconnect with your Young Life friends, go to​.​​​​​​

What Love Looks Like, Family Style

John and Jane Horrocks know what the Father’s love looks like. For them, that means passionately pursuing every kid, and doing so as a family. The Horrocks are Young Life Capernaum leaders in Tustin, California, where they have spent the last seven years loving kids with disabilities. Their family of five attends every Capernaum event, and from a young age, the Horrocks children have served alongside their parents to share the love of Jesus with their Capernaum friends. 

Elise, John and Jane’s youngest, attended her first club at just four months old. Five years later, she may still be small, but she has a huge heart. Elise and her brothers, Nathan (7) and Jack (9), are amazing helpers, and their love never ceases to amaze their parents and the rest of their team. Kara Louie, volunteer team leader, said, “Over the years, the kids have grown to have a heart for their Capernaum friends and love being around them. It has been a huge joy having Elise and her brothers at every Capernaum event!”

A few months ago, Elise was riding in the car with her mom when she suddenly lit up with excitement. They were listening to the radio and heard an advertisement for free One Direction concert tickets. Elise immediately thought of her Capernaum friend, Anthony, who loves One Direction. “Mom — we need to stop!” she said. “We need to call in for those tickets for Anthony!” Elise’s reaction to the announcement, wanting to bless Anthony, is just one of many occasions where the Horrocks children have put Capernaum friends before themselves. 

John and Jane’s desire to serve kids involved with Capernaum has not only been a gift to their friends, it has been significant in showing their children what the Father’s love looks like. Kara shared, “In the last five years, we have watched the Horrockses’ kids grow physically, mentally and, most importantly, spiritually.” 

John and Jane have inspired their community through their decision to make Young Life a family affair. “We are so thankful for the whole Horrocks family and their years of service!” said Kara, expressing her heartfelt gratitude. Their story testifies that even the littlest of helpers can carry the fullness of God’s love to others. In Tustin, love looks like a family serving kids with disabilities, giving of themselves to see every kid encounter the heart of the Father.​

— Erika Jay