The ASC2012 Young Life Celebration

"The Celebration profoundly inspired and challenged my wife, Melena, and me. We are so proud to be associated with the mission of Young Life and amazed by the ways God is reaching all kinds of kids from all over the world with the Good News. Tim Keller’s statement that ‘all life-changing love is sacrificial’ has lingered in our minds. We left wanting more of Christ, more of His people and more of Denny's dance moves with Team Tito!"
— Todd Madonna, area director, West Chester, Pennsylvania
"This was one of the most overwhelming, exciting events in my life. I was also overwhelmed by the sheer size of the Celebration. Worshipping the Lord in song with a group of people five times the size of my community's population was a little taste of heaven. I felt the Word doing surgery on my heart as Francis Chan spoke and I was reminded that loving Jesus must be more important than 'doing ministry.' I loved meeting people from around the globe who share my passion for loving the lost, and seeing the flags of the nations entering the room brought tears of joy as I realized the breadth and depth of how the Lord is using Young Life worldwide."
— Kim Kopp, administrative assistant, Galena, Alaska
"This was an amazing week of hearing from the Lord, great worship and speakers, and seeing a ton of friends! I left the Celebration with John 15:11 on my heart: 'These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.' I left feeling full ... overflowing. The worship was incredible! The presence of the Lord was so evident in our sessions! The speakers left people on fire for their communities and communities we aren't even a part of yet! They left me challenged to live the Word! Seeing friends and hearing of the Lord's work around the world was amazing! I left feeling a part of a mission that is bigger than I could have ever imagined. I loved seeing the leaders of this mission spirit-filled and laying out the vision for what the Lord is doing. If I could imagine what the kingdom of God will look like, it would be this week!"
— Thomas Hale, chef, Rockbridge
"Thank you all for an excellent Young Life conference in Orlando. I was blessed, encouraged, and strengthened by the messages and seminars. It was my first time to come to the USA and meet different people who do Young Life. This helped me so much and I thank the organizers and do thank God. Be blessed."
— Patson Mpofu, Young Life Zimbabwe director
"The Celebration is one of the best reunions I've ever been to. We're just amazed and so honored to be included and get to be here with some of the people we respect most in the world. I think Drew said it incredibly well last night, 'How different would the world be if these 4,000 people weren't here?''"
— Ellie Holcomb, musician

The Young Life Celebration by the Numbers!

  • 1 mission
  • 4 days
  • 3,945 participants
  • 2 hotels
  • 1,999 hotel rooms used
  • 1 bus parked in the general session room
  • 72,000 square feet in the general session room
  • 160 bus trips to and from SeaWorld
  • 2,000 tiles in the Prayer Mosaic
  • 10,628 individual items sold at The Young Life Store
  • 82,418 tweets on Twitter (and still counting!)