Passages: Katie Parsons May and Javza (Jackie) Nyamdavaa

Katie Parsons May

Nov. 28, 1983 - July 16, 2011

"Katie Noel Parsons May met Jesus' open arms on July 16, 2011." So begins the article announcing her passing in a California newspaper. But for all who knew her, Katie can never be contained to an article nor confined to the bed at UCLA Medical Center where she spent her final moments. She was the very light of Jesus Christ — full of joy, laughter and a fierce determination to live her life for others.

Javza (Jackie) Nyamdavaa

March 13, 1966 - June 28, 2011

Javza (Jackie) Nyamdavaa, the national director for Young Life in Mongolia, was clutching a list of kids' names when she stepped into the presence of Jesus on June 28, 2011. Jackie was returning from a week of Young Life camp where 150 kids had heard the good news and more than 100 of them had decided to follow Christ, when a tragic van accident took her life and the lives of two volunteer leaders, Yalilt Chogsomjav and Myanganbayar Surenjav. All of the kids' names were in Jackie's hand that evening as she was safely delivered into the hands of her Redeemer.