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Pictured here is the Women’s Ministry Council, which was established in the early 1980s to care for other Young Life staff women. This photograph was taken in 1983 at a Women’s Ministry Council meeting in Vail, Colo. “The group was formed by Mae Page in the early ’80s to support and encourage women as ministers in Young Life,” said Marianne Nicastro Castellanos, one of the members of the council. “Martha Dell Lewis was a [Young Life] Board member, and graciously provided her home for our meetings. We were passionate and enthusiastic, and I was honored to be part of such a wonderful group of women.” The council was the forerunner to the Women’s Leadership Council (WLC), which continues to encourage women in Young Life to use their gifts in the mission. “This group of women set us up well,” said Margie Atkinson, Young Life’s vice president of Human Resources. “They’re caring and gifted women.” Atkinson, along with Marilyn Rydberg and Regional Director Lynn Barclay, work with WLC representatives from Young Life divisions and regions.

Front row, left to right: Mary Ann Lonac, Martha Dell Lewis and Mae Page; back row: Brenda Miller, Marilyn Comee, Marianne Nicastro Castellanos, Cordelia Veit-Carey and Donna McClellan.

Thanks to all of our respondents: Margie Atkinson, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Marianne Nicastro Castellanos, Chicago, Ill.; Eva Flowers, Buena Vista, Colo.; Donna McClellan, Orlando, Fla.; L. Scott Merritt, Atlanta, Ga., Anna Parker, Pittsburgh, Pa.

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