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Put your Young Life memory to the test. Do you recognize this photograph? Know the people? Know the place? If you think you know the right answer, please e-mail us — and feel free to tell us any stories associated with this photo.

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This photograph, taken in 1962 in Manhattan, N.Y., shows James “Vinnie” Pasquale (far left), who was one of the “pioneers” of Young Life’s urban ministry. Pasquale ministered in New York City to kids like and Frankie Santana (far right) and later to kids in New Jersey.

As a teenager, Pasquale was said to be second in command of the largest gang on the East Coast at the time. Pasquale and his friends were befriended by Young Life staff member Harv Oostdyk, who had a heart for kids in inner cities. In 1956 Oostdyk brought Pasquale and four others to Frontier Ranch, where Pasquale became a Christian. After camp, Pasquale finished high school and began working with Bill Milliken, another pioneer of Young Life’s urban work. Pasquale eventually settled in New Jersey and went on to work with the YMCA. He died on Sept. 27, 1975, of a heart attack while playing basketball with teenagers at the YMCA. He was 39.

Thanks to our respondents: Michael Escalante, Mexico City, Mexico; Bob Flesvig, Glen Ellyn, Ill.; Curt Hinkle, Elk River, Minn.; Kyle Jamison, Detroit Lakes, Minn.; Barb Sayer, Clay Center, Neb.; Don Sharp, Marietta, Ga.

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