Who? What? Where?

Put your Young Life memory to the test. Do you recognize this photograph? Know the people? Know the place? If you think you know the right answer, please e-mail us — and feel free to tell us any stories associated with this photo.

Answer to this Who? What? Where?

Pictured here (from left) are: Dave Brinsfield, Tim Gooley, Mal McSwain, Mike Haun. The woman in front is Marilyn Julian.

This picture was taken in the late 1970s or early 1980s at an adult weekend at Windy Gap, traditionally held the first weekend in May for more than 30 years. Mike Haun was on staff at Windy Gap and was probably one of the first camp musicians, since he lived at Windy Gap. Tim Gooley was also on staff at Windy Gap. Marilyn Julian was the administrator for Mal McSwain, the Southern Divisional director at the time and Dave Brinsfield was an area director in Atlanta, Ga.

Thanks to our many respondents for identifying our mystery photo, especially Dave Brinsfield and Dave and Debbie Sanders for their correct answers. Thanks also to: Glenn Austell, Fitz Conner, Eva Evans, Stuart Jones, Jerry Knox, Buz Mayo, Denise Waters and Jackie Van Wieren.

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