Who, What, Where?

Put your Young Life memory to the test. Do you recognize this photograph? Know the people? Know the place? If you think you know the right answer, please e-mail Sarah Knott — and feel free to tell us any stories associated with this photo.

Answer to this Who? What? Where?

Pictured here (from left) are JoAnne Phillips, Janie Harold Sutherland and Bob Page in 1946 just before a Young Life club meeting. Page and Phillips both attended the Carter Riverside Young Life club in Fort Worth, Texas. Sutherland and Jim Rayburn would travel from Dallas to run club, which attracted about 150 kids from a school’s student body of about 250 students. “Many kids came to Christ. The entire school was affected in a wonderful way,” Page said.

Sam Adams and Ed Whitten, who also were involved in Young Life with Page, all spotted this 1928 Model T Ford in a lot in Fort Worth. They didn’t have the $45 to buy it, so they sold their blood at the local hospital, and were each paid $15 a pint. The car had no fenders, the seats were apple crates and the steering wheel was not much more than an apple tree limb. It had no starters. It had to be pushed or cranked to get started. But, all the kids loved to ride in it.

Thanks to Bob “Peanuts” Roach, Fort Worth, Texas; Bob Page, Roan Mountain, Tenn.; and Ed Whitten, Fort Worth; for identifying this mystery photo.