Superheroes in Disguise

They were stealth ninjas on a mission. Under the cover of darkness, armed and slightly dangerous, the vanload of teenage boys crept across the front yard of the targeted house. Just as they began bombarding the bushes with toilet paper hand grenades, the porch light flickered on, and an angry woman stepped out of the front door. On cue she yelled, “Who goes there?!” Without hesitation, young Clay Hamrick stepped from the shadows and waved, “Hi, Renee! It’s me!”
Of course it was. Renee Worcester had been expecting the superheroes on her front lawn in Phoenix ever since their Young Life leader called a couple of hours before and set the stage for the boys to be caught in the middle of their mission. Worcester, a staff woman in the area, took it easy on her eager prisoners, since this was their first offense. This wild band of boys had never had a sleepover before, much less an opportunity to toilet paper someone’s house. Tonight they were stealth ninjas on a mission, but tomorrow the world would define them according to their special needs. They would once again be known as a group of boys with Down’s syndrome living less-than-average teenage lives.
Special agent Clay Hamrick knew the world was wrong, however. Clay had discovered his secret identity as a superhero at Young Life camp a few months before. After a week of intense training on the ropes course, the Blob, the Ridge Runners and the zip line, Clay took the last leap of his less-than-average life. Clay took a leap of faith and trusted Jesus.
On the last day of camp, it became clear that Clay’s secret identity was secure. As the speaker handed out Bibles for new believers, Clay took two. He said he wanted to be a “super Christian, more better than anybody” when he went home.
When Clay returned home, his mother immediately noticed a change. Clay carried his Bible everywhere and insisted on praying to “God and Jesus.” Then one day, Clay’s mother received a phone call from his boss, who was calling to say that Clay’s behavior had dramatically improved. Clay seemed like a different kid.
That’s because he is a different kid. Clay Hamrick is a stealth ninja on a mission for Jesus Christ.