Have I Got an Opportunity for You

This issue of Relationships will be sent to about 195,000 Young Life friends. Our Communications department estimates each magazine will be read by an average of four people, which puts our readership at about 780,000 people. Not every person who picks up Relationships reads each article, so this article will probably be read by only half of those who see this issue. That’s 390,000 people.

I encourage all 390,000 of you who are already in the second paragraph to finish this article (it will only take a few minutes). Then I want only 1 percent of you respond. That’s 3,900 of you.

What do I want you to do? I’d like you to become the team leader of a Young Life club.

What does that mean? It means that you will own a ministry. You lead a team. You focus on one school campus or other outreach ministry of Young Life and lead the charge. You are responsible for a whole bunch of kids meeting Jesus Christ and growing in their faith.

Are you having fun yet?

My request may be simple, but it’s also extremely difficult. You’ll recruit a team and make sure they are being trained with help from the area director, regional director and mission-wide training initiatives. You’ll figure out how best to "capture a campus" and strategize how to impact the school and meet kids. You and your team will decide how to do club. You’ll make sure solid contact work is done weekly, and you’ll have a plan for Campaigners. You will recruit for camp and raise money so no kid is left behind because of lack of funds.

You’ll pray more than ever before and discover God working in your life in amazing ways. You’ll experience a soaring heart and a broken one as you invest your life in kids.

When you drive by that campus or hear that school mentioned in conversation, you’ll have an unbelievable sense of ownership, a conviction that God called you there and that you are making a difference for eternity!

Our Lord has given us the command to go into the world and make disciples. We are all called to be players in the Great Commission. How we fulfill this role depends on where God places us and how He has gifted us. Many of you reading this are in a place where a school is in need of leadership, and some of you are gifted to lead.

Young Life needs you. We are in the middle of a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal. We want to reach 7,500 middle and high schools from the 1,606 we were in when we started this initiative in 1996. Currently, we’re in more than 3,700.

We’ve grown at an astonishing rate. More kids have met Christ and are growing in their faith. But we’ll never get to 7,500 on the backs of paid staff. We have to be a volunteer organization at every level to succeed. In addition to volunteers on the local committee and volunteers involved in direct ministry to kids, we need volunteers to lead the ministry at a school. For some of you, that means filling in a leadership spot that is vacant. For others with pioneering spirits, you’ll be the first at a new school. We also need leaders to minister to teenage moms and kids with disabilities, and these kinds of ministries might involve kids who attend several schools. We need you.

You will use your God-given gifts, have the time of your life influencing kids and leave a legacy no one will forget. Life doesn’t get better than this.

I hear the reservations. I’m too old (or too young). I have small kids. I haven’t hung out with middle or high school students since I was one. I have kids in middle or high school. I’m not cool (and I haven’t been since I was in high school … or I never was). I’m not funny. I don’t know the Bible well. I’ve never done it before. These issues can be addressed. But there are more crucial questions.

    • Do you love Christ?

    • Do you love kids?

    • Would you like to see your life count by helping kids meet Christ?

    • Are you teachable and trainable?

    • Do you sense God speaking to you? Are you feeling the nudge of the Holy Spirit as you read this article?

If the answers to these questions are all "yes," then I encourage you to call your friendly area director and say, "You may not believe this, and I’m having a difficult time believing it myself, but I think God may be calling me to be a team leader of a Young Life club." If he or she doesn’t laugh out loud, go to the next question, "How would I check out this call of God in my life?"

And/or drop me an e-mail ( drydberg@sc.younglife.org). I’ll help connect you with a ministry that has your name on it.

We need volunteer team leaders -- now. The kids need you. The school needs you. The community needs you. God calls you. We need only 1 percent of you, but it’s a huge 1 percent.