Young Life Discipleship & The Bible Project

Young Life Discipleship is excited to announce our new collaborative partnership with The Bible Project (TBP) starting in January 2020. Our YL content is built around specific TBP videos and is designed for both small group and personal engagement. It includes helpful background information, conversation starters, discussion questions, response activities, and more.

There will eventually be six main sections of content:

Important Stuff About God (ISAG)
Important Stuff About Jesus (ISAJ)
Important Stuff About the Holy Spirit
Important Stuff About Reading the Bible
Important Stuff About the Big Story of the Bible
Important Stuff About Other Important Stuff 

On January 13th, we will launch the first four items from ISAG and ISAJ.

Go HERE​ for Important Stuff About God, including:  

His Name Isn’t God (video: Yahweh)
Three In One (video: God)
Holy, Holy, Holy (video: Holiness)

Go HERE​ for Important Stuff About Jesus, including:

His Favorite Name (video: Son of God)

HERE is a quick rundown of what the content includes and how to use it.

HERE is a brief Old Testament summary that sketches out the full narrative arc of God’s redemptive story.  

Downloadable PDFs are linked within each online section. You can also preview and download them here: