Young Life takes keeping kids safe very seriously.

In order to ensure all staff are safe to work with kids, staff candidates must complete Young Life's Pre-Hire Screening before being hired and then are considered "approved". Below are the instructions for the Pre-Hire Screening Process. Please refer to the Screening Compliance Policy on Staff Resources for more details.

View the Screening Process Tutorial (on staff resources) for detailed step-by-step instructions, or contact the Human Resources department with questions about the screening process.

Pre-Hire Screening Process​
  1. ​​Candidate applies for a job by completing and submitting an application.

  2. Candidate is interviewed by hiring supervisor.

  3. A candidate is chosen for the position pending he or she passes the pre-hire screening requirements.

  4. Hiring supervisor or administrator adds the candidate to the Volunteers Manager Application (VMA)​ (on staff resources) with the role of "Candidate".

  5. VMA automatically generates an email to the candidate with a link to require pre-hire screening (Criminal Background Check, Faith & Conduct Acknowledgement).

  6. The candidate submits required screening.

  7. When the candidate's screening is approved, the hiring supervisor receives an automatic screening confirmation email that displays the approved, complete statuses.

  8. When the candidate's screening is approved, he or she may officially be offered the position and complete the new hire paperwork​​.

  9. The supervisor sends all new hire paperwork, including the screening confirmation email, to their regional/ camp administrator.

  10. The regional/ camp administrator sends the new hire paperwork, including the screening confirmation email, to the PAR inbox.

  11. New hire paperwork is processed and approved by Human Resources.