2402 - Authorization Agreement for Automatic Payroll Deposits

Use when you want earnings automatically credited to up to three accounts.
Be sure you:
  • Sign your form. Direct deposits cannot be set up without a signature.
  • When you fax the information, be sure the voided check does not cover the actual agreement. If that agreement is covered up, the information is invalid.
  • Once the Payroll department receives the Automatic Deposit Agreement, it will take one to two pay periods for the new banking information to take effect. You will receive a manual check in the interim.
Please use this form — the old forms are prone to errors and delays.

​​​Download and complete the form. Fax to 719-381-1752, mail (P.O. Box 520, Colorado Springs, CO  80901) to the Payroll department or email to Payroll@sc.younglife.org. Please contact Payroll with questions at 719-381-1791.