Legacy FAQs

Do you have information about my area?

Probably! Please call or email us for more information. Be as specific as you can, providing as much background information as you can — names of key people, places, dates, school names, etc. — these tidbits help us locate even more information. Contact us​ to get the process started!


Where else can I look to get more information on my area?

Check with your local library. Most local library systems have a local history collection. Great items to check are local newspapers, yearbooks and chamber of commerce publications. Be sure to ask the reference librarians for assistance, they know their collections and will be able to give you the best advice.
Check with alumni associations for local area schools. They often have collections of memorabilia, photographs, publications and yearbooks.
Consult committee members and longtime volunteers. They probably already know some of the area's history. Interview them or encourage them to write down their memories. Ask if they have old photographs, newsletters, flyers, programs, memorabilia​, or correspondence. Please call or email us at archives@sc.younglife.org​ for advice on how to make digital copies of these items if needed.


What do I have to keep?

  • ​​Accounting and Finance requires the retention of certain records. The Field Finance Manual specifies what must be retained.
  • Keep historical items — or send them to the Legacy Program! If you do not have the space or resources to properly care for your legacy items, we would be glad to have them. Contact Us​ about transferring them to the archive. 
  • If in doubt, contact us before you dispose of the items. We will be glad to help you determine their proper disposition. ​