Money Matters

The ministry of Young Life survives under the support of those committed to offering financial support for the ministry. All Young Life staff members — with the exception of Service Center and camping staff — are involved in helping to raise financial support for their ministry.

For staff, raising funds begins with a vision statement. Young Life staff members work with family, a group of close friends and/or church members in order to construct a team of ministry partners who are able to support the vision financially.

Our approach to raising funds understands that raising support for the vision requires Young Life staff to communicate with those who pledge their support. This includes keeping donors informed of a staff member’s needs, goals and success.

Due to a variety of circumstances, International staff members may face certain challenges in raising support themselves. Prospects may support the vision but may be unable to provide financial support. In this case, staff members work closely with an area committee and work with an established group of donors to help raise support.

The International fund-raising sequence will differ from the requirements of the U.S. field staff. International staff candidates must complete these steps of the fund-raising process before placement. These steps include:

  • A completed vision statement.
  • A Priority Prospect List reflecting pledges covering a minimum 100 percent of the planned budget.
  • Drafts of printed material used to communicate strategy and a draft of a donor care calendar for the upcoming ministry year.
  • Raising 100 percent of the funding necessary to cover an established budget.