FAQs Regarding International Jobs

How important is Young Life staff or volunteer experience?
Our past success is often a strong indicator of our future potential. If you have demonstrated a commitment to Christ and kids as a Young Life volunteer or staff person, we welcome your application to International staff. If you have experience serving with other ministries, churches or youth outreach organizations, your application will be seriously considered. You’re encouraged to get involved locally as a Young Life volunteer while in the process of raising financial support and preparing to deploy.

What is the length of service?
We believe that it is important for staff to make a minimum three-year commitment (including language school) in most places of ministry. There are a few exceptions to this requirement in select locations. Check the online job postings for details.

Where will I go?
Everyone who applies to serve outside the United States goes through the same placement process, regardless of their geographical interest. We take into consideration your interests, experience and language background. We look closely at your leadership history and your unique strengths. We also factor in the needs and priorities of our field staff and volunteers. God often uses the familiar to take us to places we would never have otherwise ventured. This holds true in your placement considerations too. God may direct some individuals to a specific people group or country. Others may be called simply to trust and follow Him into what may be considered an unfamiliar place.

Are part-time staff openings available?
All opportunities listed are for full-time positions, consisting of a minimum three-year commitment, unless otherwise indicated. Young Life Military is an exception, as these positions involve a two-year commitment. Individuals interested in short-term opportunities should check out Young Life Expeditions.

If I’m accepted to go, when am I able to deploy?
After you’ve officially been accepted as a staff candidate and received a placement, you will begin raising financial support. This can take anywhere from six months to a year or more. Young Life requires that your giving commitments equal 100 percent of the budget for your full commitment prior to your departure. In addition, your Young Life account balance should contain sufficient funds to cover the first three months of your salary, plus start-up costs. Once you have raised your budget and completed all training requirements, you will be released to deploy to your assignment. (Occasionally, staff may be released by the regional director prior to completing New Staff Training or Cross Cultural Orientation. They are to return to the United States to complete the next available training session.)

Do I need language training? How do I go about doing that?
Language school is required for national and international school ministries. The length and location of this training will be determined once you are placed. The cost for language school is included in your budget. Young Life Military and English-speaking national ministries typically do not require language school.

What type of benefits does Young Life provide?
Rest assured, you will be well cared for. All full-time International staff are covered by a complete benefits plan which includes medical, dental and vision. Young Life reimburses a portion of these expenses for those enrolled in the benefits plan once the deductible has been met. In addition, once five years of service are completed, you are 100 percent vested into an individualized pension account. Optional tax-deferred savings/retirement plans, long-term disability, life insurance and optional accidental death and dismemberment coverage are also available. Other benefits include an adoption award, camp scholarships, dependent college scholarships and health club/exercise equipment reimbursement.

The following are considered reimbursable expenses for International staff:

  • Some vehicle expenses
  • Home leave
  • Education of children
  • Language school
  • Moving expenses
  • Deployment allowance
  • Re-entry counseling
  • Tax return preparation
  • Required immunizations
  • Passports and visas

What if my parents are hesitant?
We appreciate the concern that parents often have when faced with the reality of their son or daughter leaving the country to serve on international staff. We realize that they may have questions because they are unfamiliar with our organization or simply anxious for your safety. Ultimately, they have your best interest in mind. There are several things you can do to honor your parents as you move forward in the application and hiring process.

First of all, we encourage you to provide your family with more specific information regarding Young Life’s history, vision and strategy for reaching out to teens. Affirm our commitment to investing in staff as they choose to go and participate in what God is doing around the world. Guide them to our website or supply them with printed materials which highlight the practical details regarding an overseas placement. Explain staff benefits, compensation and training opportunities.

In addition, it is also important to communicate your own personal vision to your parents. What has led to this decision and how did you begin to sense God’s calling overseas? (Consider this a warm-up for communicating the vision to potential donors in the future!) Rest assured, your college degree will not be wasted on an international staff assignment. The critical thinking, communication and leadership skills you have developed are beneficial as you prepare to cross cultures. If your parents are believers, they will likely be your most faithful prayer supporters — give them this opportunity to support you from the start. If your parents do not have a relationship with Christ, be sensitive to their concerns and recognize that God can use your compassion and understanding to communicate volumes.

I want to learn more. What do I do next?
Give us a call at (800) 330-0628 or email us for more information. We highly recommend that you make plans to attend the next International Information Expedition. The earlier you register and secure your travel plans, the sooner we can guarantee you a place among those who will be joining us for a time of stories from the front lines, answers to remaining questions, interaction with field staff and fellowship with others considering the call to serve internationally. We look forward to the opportunity to meet you in person!