YoungLives Coordinator — Belleville, MI


​Belleville Ypsilanti YoungLives is looking for a part-time employee to help assist with the ministries in the area. YoungLives is a ministry to teen moms and this will be the primary responsibility.


Spiritual Development — “Following Jesus” includes prayer and spiritual disciplines, fellowship, growth and health and church relationships.

  • Develop a yearly personal growth plan that fosters a vibrant spiritual life including time for solitude, retreat, reflection, prayer and a sincere commitment to understanding God’s Word.
  • Seek and maintain relationships and disciplines, in the context of active participation in a church community.
  • Actively participate in the spiritual life of the Young Life community.
  • Lead the YoungLives team in spiritual development.

YoungLives Leadership Development — “Equipping volunteers and committee” includes key volunteer care, recruiting, team building and training, supervision and vision casting.

  • Meet with your volunteer leaders and area leadership on a weekly basis.
  • Learn to recruit and train new leaders to build a leadership team that reflects the community in order to reach "every kid."
  • Model excellence in contact work, club, Campaigners and camping to other leaders. (This may look different in YoungLives.)
  • Assist in training leaders and committee how to work effectively in YoungLives and develop a yearly ministry strategy.

Resource Development — “Fueling the ministry” includes events, major donor care, public relations (branding) and being on the fundraising team.

  • Raise financial support as directed and maintain good donor care practices.
  • Communicate ministry updates and progress to personal donor partners.
  • Observe and learn to network and develop strategic relationships with key adults in the community, including: principals, social workers, foster care agency workers, pastors, parents, potential committee members as assigned by the area director.
  • Assist with camp fundraisers and take the helm on camp fundraising for YoungLives.

Direct Ministry — “Proclaiming and modeling” includes contact work, outreach club, Campaigners and camp.

  • Actively engage in all three levels of contact work.
  • Lead a team to help plan and conduct a new or existing YoungLives outreach club and Campaigners/discipleship ministry with excellence.
  • Lead a team to implement a summer and school-season camping strategy for a ministry.

Ministry Support — “Taking care of business” includes accounting, administration, communication (internal), data management and strategic plan.

  • Adhere to all Young Life policies and procedures and maintain professionalism concerning office hours, dress, conduct and time management.
  • Manage finances with stewardship, accountability and transparency using the missionwide applications.
  • Maintain accurate information on kids, leaders and donors for area records.
  • Provide clear, prompt, appropriate and professional communication to everyone involved in ministry.
  • Set yearly strategic ministry plan and initiatives to reach every kid; review them on a regular basis.
  • Perform other duties as assigned and congruent with gifts, experience and area needs.
  • Participate in Leader Weekend, the Leadership 1 & 2 YoungLives Training and attend the YoungLives Focus Conference once per year.

Area Training

  • Actively engage in training provided by regional/area leadership.
  • Individualized training supervised by the regional/area coordinator designed to develop personal spiritual maturity and enhance personal character.
  • Individualized program to learn and gain competency in ministry skills (e.g., The 5 Cs).
  • Become familiar with area strategy and ministry health as assigned by the area director.
  • Introduction to personal fundraising principles including familiarity with Basic Elements for part-time staff.

Working Conditions

  • Will include the extremes of a camp assignment, e.g., heat/cold, dirt, long hours and the physical demands of hiking, horseback riding, boating, etc.
  • Staff person must be able to handle these conditions.


  • ​Passionate about Jesus and sharing Jesus with others.
  • Passionate about teen moms.
  • Calling to do ministry.
  • Administrative skills to effectively lead mentors, food crew, club and childcare crew.
  • Be able to cast a vision to team.
  • College degree preferred, but not required.
  • Proven relational skills with both kids and adults.
  • Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.


​Belleville and Ypsilanti are amazingly diverse communities. Belleville is an attractive community nestled on the peninsular shores of beautiful Belleville Lake, a picturesque setting with tree-lined neighborhoods, a traditional Downtown on the Lake and enhanced by beautiful parks. Ypsilanti is commonly shortened to "Ypsi" and pronounced​ IP-si-LAN-tee. It is the home of Eastern Michigan University. It is located only six miles from Ann Arbor and 18 miles from Detroit.

How To Apply:

​Please send a resume, cover letter and application to