Staff Associate (Tri-States) — Milford, PA


Tri-States is the Young Life area surrounding Young Life’s Lake Champion, and is seeking a staff associate to take on the team leadership of an existing high school ministry, and support the other two existing ministry teams (one leading an established WyldLife club and a team that is starting a new Young Life club). The area's proximity to Lake Champion creates opportunities to build on a unique partnership that has developed over the years between the area ministry and the camp.


Build healthy area ministry in Tri-States by executing and growing in the five core ministry functions of Young Life:

Spiritual Leadership — Grow in your own relationship with Jesus Christ, and your capacity to lead others in the same direction.

Leadership Development — Recruit, train and equip volunteer leaders who will join you in the “Every Kid” vision in the Tri-States area.

Direct Ministry — Re-establish Delaware Valley Young Life as a healthy Young Life club.

Resource Development — With the help of Young Life’s Personal Donor Development coaching, raise $15,000 in annual personal support, and participate with the Tri-States committee in area fundraising.

Ministry Support — Work with an existing area administrator to ensure excellence is maintained in the areas of communication, finances, etc.


This staff associate position in the Greater Northeast Region offers:

  • A unique opportunity to explore a long-term calling to Young Life staff and/or full-time ministry through training, field experience and a mentor relationship.
  • Training/equipping at three levels:
    1. Experience-based training with an assigned staff mentor.
    2. Participation in the regional training group with other staff associates across the Greater Northeast Region.
    3. Participation in national training schools and seminary-level classes.

  • Growth in your walk with Christ and in your spiritual leadership alongside other regional staff who focus on depth in Christ, love for each other, and commitment to “Every Kid.”
  • Supervision by, and support from an associate regional director who is providing leadership in the area in the absence of an area director.
  • This position is full-time and offers the standard Young Life benefits package including: medical, dental, vision, pension and 401(k), health club reimbursement and paid vacation.


The Tri-States area includes communities and schools in Port Jervis, N.Y., Pike County, Pa., and Sussex County, N.J. It has had an area director in the past, and the possibility exists for this staff associate position to grow into a future area director role.

How To Apply:

Please fill out the Field Ministry Application and email Associate Regional Director Glenn Cook​ with any questions.