Staff Associate — Fort Wayne, IN (Part-Time)


​Young Life’s staff associate role requires a dynamic, vibrant personality that will lead Young Life ministries in area schools. This person is a self-starter with a high sense of drive and a missional mindset. This person loves the Lord and has a growing spiritual life outside of the ministry. He or she possesses the perseverance to ask, inspire and motivate volunteers and students in the ministry. This person must be able to multitask and prioritize what is necessary for the ministry at any given time. We are looking for someone who is mature in his or her faith and looking to help others do the same. Additionally, the person in this role must feel comfortable carrying and leading a large number of relationships as he or she will be asked to lead across all spectrums — junior high, high school, college alumni, young adults and parents. This person must have a high capacity to operate with minimal daily supervision. He or she needs to be a highly motivated self-starter, vision caster, and implementer of that vision.

The Young Life field staff role with North Side High School is a critical role to the area. This candidate will be joining another staff associate who oversees Young Life at North Side. There is a rich history to this inner-city ministry which serves a diverse student body. This person will need to have a high level of cultural intelligence.

Northeast Indiana Young Life is growing and eager to add another dynamic leader to the team.


​Christian Faith

  • Has a relationship with Jesus Christ and is actively growing in ways outside of the Young Life ministry.
  • Grasps the idea of “relational ministry” and earning the right to be heard in the community.
  • Spiritually develops volunteer leaders and students in the local area.
  • Develops a thought-out vision and plan for spiritual growth.
  • Adheres to Young Life’s policies for staff people.

Volunteer Development/Direct Ministry

  • Able to inspire and cast vision, inviting new volunteers and leaders into the ministry while giving them ownership and helping them to develop as leaders.
  • Invested in students across 9th-12th grade, working with Young Life programs.
  • Models consistency and excellence in building relationships with students, programmatic events including Bible studies, outreach-related activities, leader meetings and committee meetings. These are often night-time meetings.
  • Implements a training program to help volunteers become excellent in their roles with students.
  • Executes a camp strategy that maximizes students' opportunities to respond and react to the Christian faith. Includes weeklong summer camping, weeklong discipleship camping, and weekend camping trips throughout the year as scheduled.

Resource Development

  • Works with the assistant regional director with committee projects and gains experience leading with the committee. Partners with them to raise the local area budget as well as maintain it with stewardship capability.
  • Partners with the assistant regional director to develop and execute a financial strategy to achieve budgetary goals. This includes personal fundraising, fundraising events and gathering area donations.
  • Has a communication plan for the ministry to reach new and current parents, students, leaders, school administration and committee.

National, Divisional and Regional Responsibilities

  • Pursues national, divisional and regional trainings as assigned. Travels when necessary throughout the year.
  • Attends month-long assignments at Young Life properties in the summer when assigned.
  • Is an active part of a Regional Dream Team throughout the year. This is a group of staff who either put on an event or enhance strategy in the region.
  • Reports to the assistant regional director.
  • Some of these responsibilities require travel, overnight stays, etc. throughout the year.


​Able to excel at the bearing points of the ministry: Spiritual Growth, Ministry, Leadership, and Fundraising.

Key Words: Self-Starter, Driven, Faithful, Growing, Organized, Determined, Teachable, Spiritually Holistic, Vision-Caster, Pioneer, Innovator, Disciple.

How To Apply:

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