Staff Associate — Altoona, PA


​Looking for a candidate who is able to work with students, leaders and who can grow to work with committee to make an area healthy and vibrant. This staff associate would work with students from a local high school and will take the lead in contact work, prayer, club, Campaigners, camping and recruiting volunteer leaders. There are three colleges within 25-30 minutes, with the PSU Altoona branch right in Altoona.


​Run a solid Young Life club and help with the development of new ministries in the area and new communities. We are looking for someone who can communicate clearly with students and adults and who is willing to learn what is necessary to develop a healthy communication and financial standard.


​We need someone who is successful with students and has a proven track record as a team leader or key volunteer leader. Young Life experience is very important, but we are open to God's leading and the right person who can quickly learn the Young Life methods.


​Standard Young Life benefits package. Salary would be based on experience within and outside of Young Life.


​Altoona is a smaller community, with approximately 100,000 people in the county. Altoona has about 50,000 people. The high school has about 1,800 students, and the junior high has approximately 1,800 as well (seventh to ninth grades). The area has had very good clubs and Campaigners. Currently, there are approximately 20 students coming to Campaigners. Camp trips have ranged between 30-60 students over the years. The area was established in 1974, and Young Life has great name recognition. We have been without a staff person this past year and have been relying on mission staff and teacher staff.

How To Apply:

​Please contact Tim O'Brien, regional director, by email​ or by phone at 814-312-2061. We are currently interviewing for this position with a start date of August 1, 2017.