Regional Onboarder/Trainer — Raceway Region


​Recruiting, training and developing high quality staff is the foundation for quality ministry in Young Life. The Raceway Region is looking to hire someone to take over the regional onboarding process as well as regional training for all staff. We are looking for someone who has prior area director experience and knows the ins and outs of being on staff in hopes of training the next generation of area directors. We are looking for someone who can create and enact processes, relationally connect with current and potential staff, and has the skills of teaching and training. This person must be able to wear multiple hats and blend the onboarding and training parts of the role into one streamlined process. This position will require substantial personal fundraising.

Key Words: Self-Starter, Driven, Faithful, Organized, Vision-Caster, Innovator, Process-oriented, Professional, Initiator, Developer of People, Caring.


​Christian Faith

  • Has a relationship with Jesus Christ and is actively growing in ways outside of the Young Life ministry.
  • Spiritually develops and cares for staff candidates. Is a Young Life leader to staff.
  • Adheres to Young Life’s policies for staff people.

Onboarding/Offboarding Responsibilities

  • Continues to implement and tweak the hiring process that allows the region to vet candidates more thoroughly.
  • Creates a staff candidate pipeline of qualified people through internal referrals and applications from Clear Company. Always looking for candidates and interviewing them regardless of whether positions are open.
  • Hosts regional interview days with potential candidates.
  • Area Preparation: Leads regional team members and area directors to help prepare them to hire. This process involves training area directors in best hiring practices including 1) Executing Vision, 2) Securing Finances, and 3) Staff Candidates. Is a gatekeeper who can help ensure new staff people are hired and onboarded properly.
  • Continually works to innovate curriculums and execute spiritually infused practical training for every staff person.
  • Introduces new staff to our regional culture and how they can live into these attributes.
  • Executes a two-day onboarding orientation and training for every staff person and welcomes them well into the region. This training will have two objectives:
    • Introduce new staff to the resources they need and how to access them in the future.
    • Have “champions” in our region train the new staff so they can learn from the best and follow up with veteran staff as needed.

  • Captures information from departing staff. This allows new staff to be welcomed well with what they need at their fingertips.
  • Has an exit interview for all existing staff. Allows space to be heard, closure and gathers relevant intel so the region can continually improve.

Training Responsibilities

  • In charge of all Leadership 1 and Leadership 2 training for new staff. Creates a cohort of new staff to learn and train together.
  • Responsible for student staff training in the region.
  • Responsible for specialty ministry training in the region (YoungLives, Capernaum, VidaJoven, etc.).
  • Responsible for creating a process for training part-time staff in the region.
  • Creates and implements fast-track training for Fast Track area directors.
  • Conducts Resonate Onboard Training for all new staff.
  • Trains all new staff on Young Life systems such as YL Connect, Cash Flow, etc.
  • Takes all new staff through PDD.

Resource Development

  • Must personally raise $100,000-$140,000  toward the position.

National, Divisional and Regional Responsibilities

  • Pursues national, divisional and regional training as assigned. Travels when necessary throughout the year.
  • Attends month-long assignments at Young Life properties in the summer when assigned.
  • Is an active part of a Regional Dream Team throughout the year. This is a group of staff who either put on an event or enhance strategy in the region.
  • Serves on the Regional 3-2-1 team.
  • Some of these responsibilities require travel, overnight stays, etc. throughout the year.


Educational and Work Experience

  • Minimum of a bachelor's degree.
  • Minimum of three years of Young Life staff experience — preferred previous area director experience.

How To Apply:

​Apply here!