Mission Staff (Part-Time) - Bridgman, MI


​The overarching role of this staff position is to lead all Young Life and WyldLife ministries in Bridgman, Mich. This includes an active role in all five functions of the area: spiritual formation, direct ministry, leadership development, resource development, and area administration. Outlined below are the duties and responsibilities of this position as pertaining to the mission of Young Life: to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith.


​Spiritual Life and Formation 
  • The Young Life staff person is expected to seek out and maintain relationships in the context of a church community and a personal devotional life that leads to a vibrant spiritual life. 
  • Meet weekly with a spiritual mentor.
  • Lead team in spiritual disciplines (prayer, devotion, thanksgiving, etc.) at pre-club meetings and monthly team meetings.
Area Training 
  • Attend and participate in: 
    • Weekly staff meetings.
    • Bi-weekly team leader meetings.
    • One committee meeting per semester.
Direct Ministry 
  • Participate in all three levels (seen, heard, known) of contact work weekly (five to eight hours weekly).
    • This should include three hours of contact work done with volunteer ministry leaders.

  • Recruit and develop a team of five to eight people to plan and implement a weekly outreach ministry (club) where leaders are engaged with students and the Gospel message is presented. This includes: 
    • Planning club in advance and communicating the plan to volunteers and the area director.
    • Delegating roles.
    • Outlining the club talk.

  • Lead/Manage a Campaigners group for both WyldLife and Young Life with excellence based on the needs of the students involved.
  • Lead ministry teams to implement a summer and school-season camping strategy for a campus. This includes:
    • Planning and executing a fundraising strategy for camp scholarships.
    • Communicate camping opportunities at club and through personal asks to students.
    • Communicate appropriate travel and registration information to parents and other shareholders.
Leadership Development 
  • Build a team of five to eight adults and students who play an active role in club and engage in weekly contact work with students at area schools.
  • On a regular basis, meet with volunteer leaders. This includes: 
    • Monthly, formal team meetings.
    • Informal interactions with leaders (e.g., contact work, occasional lunch out, area community building events, etc.).

  • Develop and maintain relationships with community leaders (e.g., principals, pastors, parents, potential new committee members, etc.) twice monthly.
Resource Development 
  • Participate in all local fundraising efforts including the Taste of Young Life, 3v3 Basketball Tournament, and annual golf outing.
  • Communicate ministry updates and progress reports to community supporters and committee members (minimum one time monthly).
Support and Administration
  • Maintain and communicate accurate information on leaders and donors for area records. 
  • Clear, prompt, appropriate and professional (consistent) communication to all involved in ministry.
  • Maintain professional integrity (e.g., office hours, dress, conduct and time management).
  • Building a volunteer leadership support group. This group would pray for your team and students; help support the clubs through volunteering meals once a month for leadership meetings and snacks for club.


  • ​Thriving and visible relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Desire to see kids and leaders grow in their faith.
  • Proven relational skills with both kids and adults. 
  • Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills.


​​Suggested weekly time structure: 
  • Spiritual Formation (two hours)
    • Weekly mentor meeting (two hours)

  • Direct Ministry (10-12 hours)
    • Contact work (three to five hours)
    • Club [prep and execution] (four hours)
    • Campaigners [prep and execution] (three hours)

  • Leadership Development (two to four hours)
    • Leader recruitment (one to two hours)
    • Leader care/development (two hours)

  • Area Administration (two hours)
    • Staff meeting (two hours)

  • Other (two to four hours)
    • Camp administration and fundraising (two to three hours)
    • Team leader meeting (one and a half hours)
    • Committee meeting (two and a half hours)
    • Ministry update (one hour)
    • Event prep and execution (one to two hours)
    • Community support meeting (two hours)

  • Total: 18-22 Hours Weekly

How To Apply: