Direct Ministry — Noblesville, IN


​Through both training and direct field ministry experience, learn how to lead and participate in effective Young Life ministry.


Spiritual Development — “Following Jesus” includes prayer and spiritual disciplines, fellowship, growth and health, and church relationships.

  • Maintain a genuine and sincere commitment to understanding God’s Word and the disciplines of personal and corporate prayer.
  • Seek out and maintain relationships and disciplines, in the context of active participation in a church community, that lead to a vibrant spiritual life.
  • Actively participate in the spiritual life of the Young Life community.
  • Lead teams and individuals in spiritual development.
  • Develop a yearly personal growth plan that fosters a vibrant spiritual life, including time for solitude, retreat, reflection, prayer and Scripture reading.

Leadership Development — “Equipping leaders, committee and staff” includes key volunteer care, recruiting, team building and training, supervision and vision casting.

  • Meet with your volunteer leaders on a regular basis.
  • Learn principles of leadership and recruitment and training of new leaders to build a leadership team that reflects the makeup of the community.
  • Model excellence in contact work, club, Campaigners and camping to other leaders.
  • Attend and be involved with area leadership as assigned.
  • Assist in training leaders and committee how to work effectively in teams.
  • Train and lead a team in developing a yearly ministry strategy.

Resource Development — “Fueling the ministry” includes events, major donor care, public relations (branding) and TDS team.

  • Raise financial support as directed and maintain good donor care practices.
  • Communicate ministry updates and progress to personal donor partners.
  • Observe and learn principles to develop strategic relationships with key adults in the community, including: principals, pastors, parents, potential committee members and more as assigned by the area director.
  • Learn to plan and execute area fundraising events under the direction of an area supervisor.
  • Become a respected Young Life steward to the community for both kids and adults.
  • Attend committee and adult functions as necessary and assigned.

Direct Ministry — “Proclaiming and modeling” includes contact work, club, Campaigners and camp.

  • Actively engage in all three levels of contact work.
  • Lead a team to plan and implement a regular outreach meeting with excellence.
  • Lead Campaigners meetings with excellence as assigned by the area director.
  • Lead a team to implement a summer and school-season camping strategy for a ministry.
  • Serve on a summer assignment at a Young Life camp each year.
  • Research community and school demographics to assess ministry effectiveness and support the area’s effort in reaching “Every Kid.”

Ministry Support — “Taking care of business” includes accounting, administration, communication (internal), data management and strategic plan.

  • Adhere to all Young Life policies and procedures and maintain professionalism concerning office hours, dress, conduct and time management.
  • Manage finances with stewardship, accountability and transparency using the missionwide applications.
  • Set yearly ministry and personal goals and objectives; review them on a regular basis.
  • Maintain accurate information on kids, leaders and donors for area records.
  • Provide clear, prompt, appropriate and professional communication to everyone involved in ministry.
  • Perform other duties as assigned and congruent with gifts, experience and area needs.
  • Set a yearly strategic ministry plan and initiatives to reach every kid; review them on a regular basis.


Missionwide Training

  • Core Training — Phase One (New Staff Training, Leadership I, Leadership II, Apologetics and one Winter Training course are to be completed in the first two years or completion of at least two years as a staff associate with Core Training — phase one to be completed as a staff associate.
  • Full-time staff are expected to complete a Training Timeline experience in non-Young Life Conference years.

Regional Training

  • There is no missionwide regional-level training curriculum.
  • Actively engage in training provided by the regional director.

Area Training

  • Actively engage in training provided by area leadership.
  • Individualized training supervised by the area director designed to develop personal spiritual maturity and enhance personal character.
  • Individualized program to learn and gain competency in ministry skills (e.g., the five Cs).
  • Become familiar with area strategy and ministry health as assigned by the area director. 

This description is not intended, and should not be construed, to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, efforts or working conditions associated with this job. It is intended to be an accurate reflection of the principal job elements essential for making compensation decisions.



  • College degree preferred.

Working Conditions

  • Will include the extremes of a camp assignment (e.g., heat/cold, dirt, long hours and the physical demands of hiking, horseback riding, boating and more). Staff person must be able to handle these conditions.

Qualifications Required for the Job

  • Experience in direct ministry.
  • Proven relational skills with both kids and adults.
  • Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.

How To Apply:

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