Dale House Project Primary Care Worker


Each year the Dale House Project (DHP) takes in 50-60 troubled teens. Our core mission is building relationship with teens, many of whom are neglected, abused and abandoned. In short, we do life together with the goal of preparing our residents for a better life. Most kids are referred to us by the Department of Human Services and the Division of Youth Corrections. Though we are licensed to keep children ages 16 to 21, most of our residents are 17 to 19 years old.

The Dale House community is committed to staff training. We provide the opportunity for our primary care workers to take online graduate courses through Fuller Theological Seminary. They learn to work effectively with troubled youth and their families. The result is a unique blend of academic training and practical experience. Twice yearly, June 1 and September 1, four bachelor degree candidates (two male, two female) are accepted to work as primary care workers for a one-year term. They may earn up to 12 units of graduate credits, which can be applied toward a variety of degrees at Fuller or transferred to other academic institutions for degrees in social work or related fields.

Position Summary

Provide care work for assigned adolescents, including implementing the treatment plan. Work closely with other staff members as a cohesive unit. Participate in the academic component of the training.


Care workers are responsible for supervising the residents 24 hours a day when on duty. Two teams of staff work a rotating schedule (two-on, two-off, alternating full weekend on). Staff are responsible for attending all meetings, classes and group meetings that occur on weekdays, whether on or off duty.



  • ​Enter general progress notes on a weekly basis.
  • Complete bi-monthly worksheets to be turned in to the office manager on a timely basis.
  • Communicate with the educational/vocational coordinator about school status, progress, homework, emancipation assignments and follow-through with primaries.


  • Meet weekly with your primary residents to discuss weekly treatment issues.
  • Be proactive, creative, engaging with residents when on duty.
  • Interact and communicate with various youth serving agencies, teachers, probation officers, care workers, GAL (guardian ad litem), etc., in an appropriate and professional manner.
  • Basic rules and policies are to be carried out with all residents.
  • Create a hospitable, friendly atmosphere for residents and guests alike.

Transitional Apartments

  • Continue supervision of assigned youth while in apartment.
  • Assist the residential training coordinator, orient residents to the apartment, including apartment lease, rights and walk through.
  • Coordinate budget, menu planning and shopping with the resident and educational/vocational coordinator.
  • Communicate regularly with residents’ transition specialist regarding residents’ progress and status.


  • Participate in all classes, groups and in-service training sessions designed specifically for primary care workers.
  • Meet bi-weekly with the residential training coordinator for a supervisory session.


  • Lead devotional times with staff on a rotating, scheduled basis.
  • Speak at the Sunday night family night a minimum of one time in the year.
  • Maintain a role that is consistent with our Christian faith.


  • Team work.  
  • Communicate well with other care workers, including times of decision-making, crisis situations, or when leaving the Dale House Project, etc.
  • Communicate with the on-coming duty shift team regarding: 
    • Residents on restriction and the terms thereof.
    • Residents doing work crew.
    • Residents with special limitations on where they go and who they see.

  • ​Work side-by-side with residents on work crew.
  • Take initiative to keep facilities and grounds clean and in good shape.
  • Communicate regularly with your donors and write fundraising letters several times during the year to reach your annual support raised goal.
  • Be involved in the Dale House community.
  • There is a requirement for primary care workers to live in DHP provided housing.


  • Medical, dental and vision coverage.
  • 401 (k) available.
  • Paid vacation, sick leave.
  • Pension contributions.
  • Health club benefit.
  • And more!

How To Apply:

Please call the Dale House Project at 719-471-0642 or email kim@dalehouse.org for an application.

7 West Dale Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903​