Capernaum Regional Coordinator — Columbia, SC


​This Capernaum regional coordinator position in the Palmetto Region entails all of South Carolina and the greater Charlotte area. This staff person would oversee current Capernaum areas (six), walk alongside staff to develop new Capernaum areas, and continue to train current Capernaum staff and volunteers in the region.




  • Recruit potential Capernaum staff alongside area and regional directors within the region. Meet with potential Capernaum staff to assess their compatibility with the mission. Be involved with the interview process.
  • Train new Capernaum staff when initially hired and on an ongoing basis.
  • Work with Capernaum staff and Young Life area directors in the startup process of new areas and ministries. This​ includes, but is not limited to: presenting at community information meetings, assisting in the training of new leaders, working on initial and ongoing fundraising, and committee development.
  • Encourage Capernaum staff to participate in area and regional staff training and meetings.
  • Plan and lead regular Capernaum staff meetings for training, planning and support.
  • Communicate with each Capernaum staff person for individual support, problem solving, planning and encouragement.
  • Communicate with Capernaum staff regularly regarding common events and goals.
  • Communicate regularly with Young Life area and regional directors who oversee Capernaum ministries.
  • Work in partnership with the local area director to help their Capernaum staff person work effectively in the area

Capernaum Events

  • Lead a Capernaum ministry or have past experience as a Capernaum coordinator/director.
  • Attend Capernaum clubs in the region periodically.
  • Attend Capernaum leader meetings for training and support when requested


  • Prepare for, help facilitate and participate in inclusion and Capernaum summer camp trips, winter weekends, and work weekend trips.
  • Build strategy for providing quality summer staff and/or work crew, and adult guests for summer camps.
  • Build area strategies for camping progressions.
  • Be available for summer assignment as needed.

Financial Management

  • Raise personal support and manage Priority Prospect List (PPL) for the budget. Currently this position is entirely self-funded.
  • Impart vision for the Capernaum ministry to potential donors.
  • Learn and implement Taking Donors Seriously (TDS) procedures.
  • Ensure that all Young Life financial policies and procedures are implemented.


  • Develop and lead a Capernaum regional committee or participate on Young Life regional committee.
  • Communicate the needs and successes of the region’s Capernaum ministries to the committee.
  • Assist Capernaum ministries within the region in recruiting and sustaining a committee or sub-committee.


  • Ensure the administrative requirements from all levels of Capernaum supervision are handled with excellence and in a timely manner.
  • Encourage the submission of required paperwork for new volunteers in all Capernaum areas within the region.
  • Submit timely reimbursements.
  • Encourage the updating of ministry information in CMI.


  • Available to work on special projects that benefit the mission as assigned by the divisional coordinator.
  • Actively participate in a local church.
  • Speak to civic and church groups to promote and publicize the ministry and needs of Capernaum.


  • ​Must have experience on Capernaum staff

How To Apply:

​Please attach your resume, along with a detailed list of all past experiences with Capernaum — both volunteer and staff.